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How Many Days For Vietnam And Cambodia Holiday?

How Many Days For Vietnam And Cambodia Holiday?

Places to go in Vietnam

Flight time from Vietnam to Thailand (eg. Saigon to Bangkok) is about 1,5 hour. But you can journey from Vietnam also by land – you need to use a bus connection over Laos or Cambodia and visit these very interesting countries of Asia.But you have to know, travel by tourist bus takes lots of time. One of the favorite travel routes by land is from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap and from Siem Reap to Bangkok via the border crossing in Poipet. So there are 2 ways how one can travel to Thailand from Vietnam – by plane and vacationer bus/minivan. Thailand is a frequent vacation spot for tourists in Southeast Asia. It is a giant nation, inhabitants is about 70 hundreds of thousands inhabitants.We organized and traveled this 7 day Cambodia itinerary completely independent. If you wish to enter Vietnam through Laos, prepare plus bus tour is available, although could be time-consuming. Since behindhand in railway system, vacationers can only take trains from Bangkok to Laos and arrives at Vientiane, the capital metropolis of Laos. Compared with flight tour to Laos, it's considerably cheaper with ticket value differs from sleeper prepare and daytime prepare. Sleeper prepare prices $23 in a second class while daytime practice costs $11 in the same class.


Starting from Siem Reap, this 17-day tour is an attention-grabbing twist. With f

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