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Protect Your Pet During Cold Weather

Protect Your Pet During Cold Weather

It is becoming increasing popular for many pet owners to purchase dog boots to help protect their pet's feet during cold weather. Boots can be a great choice if you live in an area where you walk your dog on public sidewalks because they can shield your dog's paws from ice melt and other snow and ice melting products that are typically sprinkled on the sidewalks during winter.Ice melt products can cause your pet's paws to crack and bleed and could also be fatal if your pet licks the substance from between their toes or off the pads of their paws. 1 like wearing boots so if your pet simply won't wear them, at a minimum you'll need to thoroughly wash their feet after you walk them to remove any harmful products they may have walked through.Dog coats are a good option for dogs that have short hair, are older or very young. Dogs that fall into these categories typically cannot generate enough body heat to keep them warm during cold weather. The coats come in a variety of sizes for different body types. 1 can also choose from a number of fabrics and styles. This is a fun way to show off you and your pet's personalities.If your dog is an outdoor dog, providing them with a good dog house during cold weather should be a top priority. Either purchase or build a nice insulated house so they have a place to get out o

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